Memento Mori - Signal Arts Centre, Bray

Tuesday 17th February - Sunday 1st March 2015


Memento Mori draws inspiration from memory and forensic traces left behind in nature.  Childhood memories of searching for fossilised ferns has led her to create porcelain ‘fossils’ by encasing plants in porcelain and firing them until all organic traces are obliterated and only the fragile porcelain skeletons remain. Vicki is also fascinated by the Victorian habit of placing remembrances and taxidermy under glass domes. Her Memento Mori Series celebrates the fleeting nature of life, with ghostly floral porcelain arrangements under glass domes. Also exhibited were pieces from the 'Tattooing - the Smoke' series and beachcombing series. The naked-raku fired, porcelain pieces are inspired by cave art from millennia ago and symbolizes man’s attempt to have total control over his environment.