Tattooing - The Smoke, with Sian Ní Mhuirí

Tattooing - The Smoke is a live art work created in collaboration with performance and theatre maker Sian Ní Mhuirí.  The idea for the performance came about when Sian (Vicki's daughter) was commissioned to develop a new performance work for the Chelsea Theatre, London, as part of their Early Career Artists Development Scheme.  Sian approached Vicki about creating a performance - part ritual, part installation, and part storytelling - that explored memory, commitment, shared history and the mother daughter relationship. Vicki created an installation of rakufired cones, and co-created the text, animations and performance elements that made up the over all show. Tattooing - The Smoke is a heartfelt, biographical portrait of a pair of artists with a shared history, that culminated with Vicki tattooing a cone onto Sian's left ring finger, in front of the live audience.


Tattooing - The Smoke was the subject of an article written by Ní Mhuirí for Ceramics Ireland, Issue 31, 2013.